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Vegan because we care 


We call ourselves the human race, the most intelligent, evolved species on earth, but yet we are destroying it with our greed and taste for animal flesh. 


We breed, torture and then kill innocent beautiful creatures, who feel pain (emotional and physical), love, fear and sadness just like we do! And what for? Just because we like the way their flesh tastes, we have a craving for cheese or we think that a real leather bag looks so much cooler than the fake one?


Did you know that consuming meat and dairy is one of the worst things that you can do for our planet? It is wasteful and causes enormous amounts of pollution and animal agriculture is one of the biggest causes of climate change.


It’s time to wake up and get educated (please stop believing in fairy-tales, you don’t actually need meat or dairy to get your protein or have stronger bones :D) It’s time to stop using animals as if they were things (would you make a bag from your dog?) If we want a brighter future for our planet and our children, we need to change our lifestyles and mindsets now! 


The change starts with your plate! Try Vegan food! (I promise you we won’t offer you a bowl full of carrots, we actually have vegan cheese and sausages and it is actually pretty amazing!) 

Spread compassion! Be kind! Treat others the way you would like to be treated (and yes animals fall into this bracket too!)


“Be the change you want to see in the world. M.Gandhi

About us


We are on an inspiring mission to show people that vegan food is not just 'grass', oh no, it's so so so much more! What you can make from plants is actually amazing and the possibilities are limitless! From different types of plant-based milk to burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, tacos, nachos, wraps and vitamin-packed smoothies, to tasty bakes and cakes (and yes, you don't really need to use eggs or cows milk to make a fluffy sponge!). And what about all the salads and the soups? We are also very excited to introduce different superfoods to you, from amazing green-blue algae like spirulina to maca powder, hemp seeds, matcha and turmeric.

Good food is so important when it comes to good health and happiness, and that is why here at Seeds for the Soul we only cook from plants, as we believe that plant-based diet is the healthiest diet for the human body and mind today. We want our food to nurture your body and soul, that's why we make it with love and care, and that's why for us it is very important that all our food is cruelty-free and did not cost any harm or pain to other beautiful living creatures. Many of our ingredients are organic and locally sourced.  

We are on a mission to try and reduce the pollution of our beloved planet so that the future generations can still enjoy it and see the beauty of our home. All our takeaway boxes, bags, cups, cutlery, and napkins are 100% biodegradable. And all the waste that we produce when working is composted or recycled daily.

Our future vision is to plant 'Seeds for the Soul' in every city of this great country. We want to support and promote plant-based food, to educate people about the benefits of a vegan diet, and to help keep our planet as clean as we possibly can.

So let's spread love and health to as many people as we possibly can! :-)





Seeds For The Soul

167 BruntsField Place

Edinburgh, Scotland,

United Kingdom EH10 4DG