June 6, 2017

I love the smell of barbecue. When I was a little girl I and my family used to make lovely picnics in nature, and we did not have any barbeques or any fancy equipment. It was so much fun to walk around looking for old dry branches to make a fire. I think my favourite thing to eat was potatoes, that we used to cook with skins and eat it with some salt and butter (my family was not vegan). Oh, that lovely smoky smell and taste! So today I would like to share...

June 1, 2017

I really admire raw vegans, I would love to go fully raw, but I can't even last a day :D

My toddler is crazy about raw, I would say raw food is his favourite food. I should really learn from my baby boy. My partner decided to try raw diet so recently I have been making a lot of raw dishes. 

To be honest I am really enjoying making preparing this kind of food: it is time-saving as you don't really cook, it is all about chopping, blending and 'spiralizing'. So...

May 30, 2017

I don't know if you will agree, but I feel like in today's western world everyone (including myself!) is so busy that there are many days when there is no time to cook or even sit down for a meal! 

I know, I know it's craaaaazzzyyyyy :) And I am currently trying to make a plan of how to manage my time better. If you are a mum, perhaps you know exactly what I am talking about! We have so much to do on a daily basis that I feel that every mum should be...

May 6, 2017

I love food and I would love to be able to make something very tasty and exciting for dinner everyday.

Last night my little one kept me awake from 2am to 5am. Being a mum is a very hard job, and most days I feel sooo tired and need to think of fast and easy meals to make. Me and my partner have decided that we will try a raw vegan diet as soon as we have finished all the grains and beans that are stored in our kitchen cupboards. So tonight I have used my las...

February 23, 2017

Pasta pasta pasta! Who doesn't like pasta? I fell in love with brown rice pasta its glutten free and very tasty. This green and bright looking dish is so simple to make and it's so healthy as it is full of those good green veggies! And the most important thing is that my toddler loves it too. 

Get some good organic brown rice pasta. Boil the water with some added salt (we use pink salt in our house) add pasta. I also boil asparagus in the same pot, just add...

February 20, 2017

 So this is the first time I have attempted to make healthy vegan cheesecake. It was Valentine's day and I wanted to surprise Thomas (my man :D) with some healthy treats. It takes no time, so easy to make. Looks good taste good!

Base is made from organic crushed oatcakes mixed with desiccated coconut and coconut oil. For cream cheese I have blended silken tofu, cashew nuts, melted coconut oil, fresh mango lemon juice and stevia. Let those beau...

February 18, 2017

Who doesn't like a good Mexican fajita wrap! This simple and very fast to make vegan dinner is sooooo yummy that you will be craving for more! 

I made it for two people (me and my partner) it was actualy his birthday dinner at home. We had 4 wraps eatch. I felt absolutely stuffed, but very satisfied :)  Here is the list of what you will need and below that list how to make it.

Tofu fajita mix:

350 g firm tofu diced into small cubes

2 red onion dices i...

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