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It's red and green vegan Mexican fiesta time baby !

Who doesn't like a good Mexican fajita wrap! This simple and very fast to make vegan dinner is sooooo yummy that you will be craving for more!

I made it for two people (me and my partner) it was actualy his birthday dinner at home. We had 4 wraps eatch. I felt absolutely stuffed, but very satisfied :) Here is the list of what you will need and below that list how to make it.

Tofu fajita mix:

350 g firm tofu diced into small cubes

2 red onion dices into half rings

2 red bell pepper dices into half rings

2 tablespoons of olive oil

Mexican spices (chilli powder, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, oregano, salt, and pepper) or you could use shop bought mexican spices)

Himalayan pink salt to taste


2 ripe avocados

4 cloves of fresh garlic

lime juice to taste

a bunch of fresh mint

Himalayan pink salt to taste


150g tomatoes

1 red onion

a bunch of fresh coriander

1red chilli

lime juice

Himalayan pink salt to taste

You will also need soft fajita wraps of your choice. Look for different wraps in shops when getting your ingredients. There are few options to choose from, like : simply plain flour wraps, corn wraps, gluten free wraps etc. you can get different wraps in health food shops, like : rye wraps, seeded wraps etc. There are so many different wraps these days, so you have plenty of choices :) I personally love plain soft flour fajita wraps.

Also pick up some nice fresh lettuce like romaine or iceberg and some fresh limes.

And last but not least you will need vegan cheese. I used smoked vegan cheese and it did those lovely fajitas justice :)

Ok so here are all ingredients, now lets talk how to prepare everything!

1. Make guacamole. Blend avocados with crush garlic, lime, juice, mint and salt. Taste it half way through to see if it's to your taste. I like mine very garlicky :) See if its enough salt or mint for your taste etc. Done!

2. Make salsa. I use a food processor for this to save some time. So using food processor chop onion and coriander and chilly first, then add tomatoes and blitz it few times until tomatoes are chopped but not mushed :) add some salt and some lime juice. Mix it all together. Done!

3.Heat olive oil in the bigger pan. Sizzle onions and peppers for couple of minutes.

Add tofu and all the spices, keep sizzling for another 5-8min stirring from time to time. Done!

4. While fajita mix is sizzling you could grate some cheese and wash some lettuce.:)

5. Heat up wraps in the oven.

6. Serve! To make it pretty you can decorate it with some chillies, mint and coriander!

7. Enjoy eating :D

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