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Fast vegan avocado cream gluten free pasta !

Pasta pasta pasta! Who doesn't like pasta? I fell in love with brown rice pasta its glutten free and very tasty. This green and bright looking dish is so simple to make and it's so healthy as it is full of those good green veggies! And the most important thing is that my toddler loves it too.

Get some good organic brown rice pasta. Boil the water with some added salt (we use pink salt in our house) add pasta. I also boil asparagus in the same pot, just add it half way through, so asparagus stays a bit crunchy. While pasta is boiling prepare avocado cream :) its very fast and easy just blend avocados with same salt, lemon juice, fresh basil and garlic. Make it to your taste. My family loves garlic and basil, so I use a lot of it in this dish! Wilt a bunch of fresh spinach. Drain pasta and mix in spinach and avocado cream. Garnish with same fresh basil leaves. Done! Enjoy this healthy green pasta dish. :) I hope you love it.

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