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Lovely salads for dinner tonight :)

I love food and I would love to be able to make something very tasty and exciting for dinner everyday.

Last night my little one kept me awake from 2am to 5am. Being a mum is a very hard job, and most days I feel sooo tired and need to think of fast and easy meals to make. Me and my partner have decided that we will try a raw vegan diet as soon as we have finished all the grains and beans that are stored in our kitchen cupboards. So tonight I have used my last bulgur wheat :) woohoo

Check this dish out its fast to make, and full of goodness :)

So I made this tabouleh salad and ....

this very simple broccoli tomato salad and....

I have served it with romaine lettuces and humous :) I did not make my own humous, got it from a supermarket its organic and very yummy.

To save time and the amount of dishes to wash after preparing meals, I always try to boil and steam at the same time. So I was boiling bulgar wheat and steaming broccoli on top of it :) two jobs done at the same time hahaha

For Tabouleh I used:

Cooked bulgar wheat, finely chopped cucumber, sweet red pepper, onion, mint and spinach. To dress it I used olive oil, lime juice, pink salt, pepper and thats all :) tastes lovely and its healthy. I never measure anything when I cook. I always taste and add what I think is missing whilst I go along.

For the broccoli and tomato salad I used:

Steamed broccoli florets (still crunchy), yellow baby tomatoes cut in half, onion cut in half rings, few cloves of crushed garlic, drizzled with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Season with pink salt, pepper and add some dried oregano.

Plate it how you like it :) you can copy my idea or make up your own food art its up to you.

I love plating, it's my favourite part. I am an artist and I love making things to look beautyfull :D

Anyway I hope you will enjoy this simple dish, my partner said he would be very pleased if he would be served this in a cafe :)

With love


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