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Smoky broccoli summer salad :)

I love the smell of barbecue. When I was a little girl I and my family used to make lovely picnics in nature, and we did not have any barbeques or any fancy equipment. It was so much fun to walk around looking for old dry branches to make a fire. I think my favourite thing to eat was potatoes, that we used to cook with skins and eat it with some salt and butter (my family was not vegan). Oh, that lovely smoky smell and taste! So today I would like to share with you this simple salad recipe, that taste and smells of that lovely bbq, but you can make it any day at home :)

You will need (this makes around 2 portions):

200g tender stem broccoli

handful shredded iceberg lettuce

handful rocket lettuce (or you can use any kind of lettuce or leaves: spinach, romaine lettuce, mixed leaves etc.)

1/2 big apple

1/2 red onion

handful pumpkin seeds

handful flaked almonds

liquid smoke

pink salt /black pepper

For dressing:

3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce

1 crushed garlic clove

pink salt /black pepper

Now let's talk how to prepare it ;)

First, wash your broccoli ( you know you should always wash all you veggies fruit and berries rights? ) Steam it for 5 min and then place it onto the baking tray or any other kind of dish that you could use for grilling. Brush broccoli with liquid smoke, sprinkle with the pinch of salt and place it under the hot grill for another 5 min. Cut apple and onion thinly. Tost almond flakes and pumpkin seeds on a hot pan for few minutes. Now place in the bowl all you leaves and lettuce, sliced onion and apple and pour dressing over it. Gently mix everything. OK champion of the kitchen :D You did all the hard work now it is time to plate and enjoy!

I hope you will love this simple fast salad, I think it tastes like summers bbq :) yummy!

PS. You can plate the way I did if you wish. Place mixed salad on the plate first, then place broccoli on top and sprinkle everything with toasted stuff :)


With love Roberta

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