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Ok guys since there will be no pictures from the cafe I will be sharing food from home 😅🤪 so recently we been eating mostly raw, we started this before virus break outs, but now it is the time to eat as healthy as possible to keep your body strong! Trust me these meals are so delicious and ofcourse raw food contains the most nutrients. Yeah it's very nice to treat yourself with a cheese burger and some chips, but ideally you want to eat as much as possible raw foods to be mega loaded with nutrients. There is another good side to it. It is fast to make and you dont need to cook, means no need to clean pots and cooker wooohooo 😅 all you need is blender, knife and spiraliser.

So this is pesto veggie zoodles.





Almond milk

Nutrition yeast flakes

Salt n pepper


Zucchini noodles




Sweet red pepper

I always add so kind of leaves: spinach, rocket or what ever I have in the fridge:)

And finished with chopped sundried tomatoes and sunflower seeds.

No oil, no gluten, no soy 😊 it is good for people with allergies too.

You want a good amout of sauce for this!

If you want to know more send me a PM:)

I don't follow recipes, just make stuff as I go along 👌😅😊

Hope you are not going crazy 🙈🤗🥰💚

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Unknown member
Mar 26, 2020

That looks utterly fabulous! We’re going to try that tomorrow... (need to do some shopping) Thank you so much... Vivian

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