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Home Made Falafel and Hummus

Bowls bowls bowls ! Our Middle Eastern bowl has been here from the day we first opened. Lots of things changed since then but this dish is still one of the most popular! I love our full of spices, herbs and flavour home made falafels! I hope you are a fan too? Give me thumbs up if you are 🙂 #falafels #salad #veganfood #buddhabowl #healthyfood #eatmoreplants #veganlife #veganlove #love #lovefood

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Have You tried our Signature Dish?

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Miembro desconocido
24 sept 2022

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Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
27 may 2022

The Middle Eastern bowl remains one of my favourites. It has never changed in quality or presentation either. A delicious dish bright with colour.

Me gusta
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