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Hey guys! We got so inspired by raw food diet that we decided to share it with the world 😁🥰🤤 the future plans are to open a new place but this time 100% raw and of course 100% vegan. Yes we love avo on toast and we love vegan burgers and cakes, but you can make all of these raw too. Why raw? Because raw has so much more nutrients in it, its alive food and it can cure diseases and realy help you with different health conditions!

While we love all vegan food, I think its important to have balance, and if you are looking to detox or for some other health tips follow our new account: ALIVE RAW REVOLUTION. Believe it or not this name came to me in a dream, so I took it as a sign that this is something we have to do and hopefully after covid19 situation is over we can start working on our business plan 😃 very exciting times to come ! For now we are using stay at home time to experiment and try new dishes! And to think what we would put on our menu. If you have any ideas, or there is something you would like to see on the menu or you think is missing in Edinburgh drop us a message or a comment 🥰👌🙂 meanwhile follow us on our new account for raw food inspirations, health tips and updates!

For now stay safe stay healthy and stay positive 🤗💚

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Roberta Norman
Roberta Norman

Thanks Susan 💚



Great idea - sounds good

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