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Reopening Soon

Hey guys 🙂 we are preparing our wee cafe for reopening. We will be doing takeaways and delivaroo once again. We will be open for walk in takeaways aswell as deliveries to your door! Today I am asking all of you to support us, we do want to survive this economic crisis and we do want to flourish once again, be buzzing at the weekends and just be there to spread vegan message! You know how passionate we are about vegan lifestyle and animal welfare. We are grateful government at least covered 80% of our staff wages so that we could still help them out, but did you know in order to do that we had to cover all the taxes? Which costed us quite a bit, and I'm not even talking about all the other bills that has to be covered while you are making 0 money because government told you, you have to shut down. Yes we do understand that it was nesasery, but we did expected more help for businesses to survive. At the end of the day we do create work places and paying huge amount of taxes every year. (I am ready to go and protest infront of Scottish parliament demanding support for all the small businesses like us 😆🙈) So please guys in order for us to bounce back and keep going support us in any way you can. We need your help today more than ever. You can also by online gift vouchers or donate what ever you can. Send us some good thoughts & positive vibes, we do believe in the power of mind too 😃 Every little helps!

Thank you so much to everyone that has already and continues to support us, and I hope to see you all soon once again 🥰

Lots of love ❤

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