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Help:Developed to empower beginners, AutoCAD’s Help menu now includes documentation. (See the documentation Web page.) AutoCAD 2017 Help is completely replaced by this new Help system, which provides documentations for all core and supported add-on functions.Export Code:Your export options are now even more powerful. You can choose between various data formats, including CAD-specific formats such as CAD DWG and DWF, or you can export to a Web page or to a Web server. (See the Export Options web page for details.)Access:Your company’s local network is now protected by AES 256-bit encryption. (For Windows 10, create your account with the new PIN-based security approach.)Remote Access:You can now use the Remote Access feature of AutoCAD to provide your team members with the ability to access their own work spaces on your network. (See the Remote Access help page for more information.)Color:The new color picker in AutoCAD’s dialog box lets you search for and apply color swatches. You can even create and save your own colors. (See the new Color Picker help page for more information.)More:The Product Update Center has been expanded to show even more information on AutoCAD’s new features. Visit the Product Update Center now to see what’s new.Are you excited about AutoCAD 2023? Do you know if it will be able to create the type of drawings that you need for your specific design projects? You’ll be able to find out soon, because on April 23rd, AutoCAD 2023 will be available to you.As with all major releases, AutoCAD 2023 includes new capabilities, fixes, and enhancements to make it even easier to create the drawings you need. The new features in AutoCAD 2023 include:Faster drawings: AutoCAD 2023’s new command-line argument, -xdr, enables you to automatically open a drawing using the entire drawing content from a file. For more information, see the -xdr help page.Markup Assist: AutoCAD’s new command-line argument, -xdm, enables you to embed your feedback from printed papers or PDFs directly into your AutoCAD drawings. For more information, see the - 2be273e24d

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